Where a translator can be employed?

Nowadays, being a translator is a big honor. Translators are considered as educated and familiar with language. Thanks to these skills we can order them translations.

Although the road to become a sworn translator is very long and often hard, a translator, after passing his final exam, can search for employment in various agencies and institutions. Some of them decide to establish their own translation office, others focus on one particular subject area such as medical or technical translations.

After passing the exam, a translator is entered into the list of translators and obtains a special certificate handed over by the Minister of Justice himself. In this moment he becomes a member of a honorable group of sworn translators and can begin his work.

Generally, every person without a criminal record and with a full capacity to act in law can become a sworn translator. Although education is long and laborious, this goal is more and more often reached by young people.

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