Few words about the patron of translators

Every profession has its patron. The patron of translators is Saint Jerome. It’s quite not commonly known figure so it’s worth to give a bunch of information about him not only to sworn translators.

Saint Jerome lived at the turn of 4th and 5th century. He is certainly a remarkable person. However, it’s not commonly known why he has become the patron of translators. The reason for this is that just in the initial centuries of our era he started to translate the Holy Bible from Hebraic and Greek into Latin. It took him twenty four years and it was a really huge challenge.

Today, the Saint Jerome is the patron of all translators who celebrate their day on 30th of September. Although this date is not widespread yet, it is the official translator’s day. However, the translator profession is becoming more and more respected and various types of translations are used in everyday life, which not always we are aware of. Every manual or leaflet is most often a translated text.

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